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At SMD, we’re here to help our patients find their perfect skin care product matches.

We believe in using products that are of exceptional quality with the greatest evidence of efficacy. We want them to feel good on our patient’s skin, be non-irritating, and to be as sustainably-sourced as possible. We chose products from reliable manufacturers whose business ethics mimic our own. We try to avoid fillers, dyes, irritants, and any unnecessary preservatives. And, most importantly, we choose products that we ourselves love! Take a look around. We know our patients will find something they’ll love as much as we do.


Elta MD Daily SPF

Elta MD Clear SPF

Elta MD Sport SPF


Colorescience Mineral Makeup & Sunscreen

Colorescience Mineral Primer


Southern Marin Dermatology Antioxidant SPF

Southern Marin Dermatology Sheer Physical SPF

Southern Marin Dermatology Sheer Physical Spray SPF

SMD Products

Patients love SMD products because they are packed with top of the line ingredients you can’t get at the drug store.