At SMD, our cosmetic surgical procedures place emphasis on creating and maintaining patients’ healthy and youthful appearance by establishing facial balance and harmony.

Dr. Smith’s specialty fellowship training in Cosmetic Surgery equips her with the expertise to offer minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and surgeries that enhance and rejuvenate a patient’s appearance. She offers her patients reliable, safe, cutting-edge techniques, which are individually designed to give a very natural appearance. Dr. Smith strives for surgical precision, preservation of one’s unique features, and correction of unnecessary signs of aging.

All cosmetic surgery outcomes are designed to maintain the patient’s natural appearance, thereby avoiding the “having work-done” outcome. Dr. Smith achieves these goals with a deep understanding of her patient’s desired outcome, a frank discussion of realistic expectations, and extensive facial anatomy analysis.

A unique and popular feature of Dr. Smith’s practice is that she is trained to perform all procedures without general anesthesia and without an overnight hospital stay. Instead, mild sedation, pain medication, and local anesthesia are used. Therefore, the cost, risk, and recovery times are reduced. Patients enjoy the long lasting results of cosmetic surgery with a remarkable level of safety and comfort.