Skin Resurfacing (CO2 Laser Surgery)


Dramatically reduce wrinkles and aging of the skin surface with the Ultrapulse CO2 laser (Active Fx, Deep Fx, Scar Fx). 


Anesthesia is provided with injections and topical cream.  The laser procedure creates a warming sensation.  The entire surface of the skin is carefully treated with precise energy settings that correlate with the desired outcome. After the treatment, cool wet compresses are applied to the treated area, followed by ointment.


The first 48 hours are marked by redness, swelling, and predictable oozing.  Days 3-7 are marked by redness, peeling, and gradual improvement. By one week, the surface of the skin has been replaced by new skin and patients can return to using their basic skincare and makeup.  Mild pinkness resolves over one month.