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As dermatologists, one of the most common questions we get asked from friends and patients is what treatments should they seek for skin problems, ranging from acne to wrinkles.


With so many practitioners to choose from it can be difficult to decide on the right one—should they go to a spa, a “med spa,” an aesthetician, a nurse, a cosmetic surgeon, or a dermatologist? 


We understand that navigating the world of all things skin-related can be very challenging, often because technology is changing so fast and marketing drives consumers to look for the next best thing.  This information overload makes it difficult to make decisions about what’s best for our skin and our overall health.  Where do you even begin?


We welcome you to start right here!


We believe that seeing a dermatologist for any skin-related concern is the ideal starting point.  And that’s why we started blogging!  We (Drs. Smith and Fardin) are here to help you look at all your options, non-medical, medical, or surgical, within the broader context of your overall health and your skin’s condition.


We’ve dedicated our blog to answering your questions in a way that provides clear answers but that also takes into consideration all the data available and our unique perspective as skin experts.  We welcome you to see us in our office anytime, and we welcome you here to ask questions and find thoughtful answers for all those times we can’t talk face to face.


To get things rolling, we’ll start off introducing ourselves and telling you why we love skin!  We are both board certified dermatologists and Fellows of the American Academy of Dermatology  and American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.  We are dedicated to all things skin-related, and enjoy helping patients achieve healthy, glowing, youthful skin.  We treat skin conditions ranging from warts and rashes to hair loss and skin cancer to, yes, even wrinkles!  As skin doctors, we are fascinated by all aspects of skin and how it is affected by nature, science, and our overall health.  And we enjoy sharing our knowledge with you.


In addition, we are both dedicated to providing personalized care for all our patients.  Our goal is to give you the most accurate diagnosis and the most personalized, optimal treatment plan tailored to your needs and choices.  Part of that tailoring is defined by some of our differences in practice.  For example, Dr. Smith is a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon, and thus she is a dermatologic surgeon that has extra training in advanced cosmetic procedures, such as eyelid surgery and liposuction.  Check out our “Cosmetic Surgery” tab on our website for more information.  


However, both of us perform medical treatments as well as cosmetic procedures such as injectable fillers, chemical peels, laser and vein treatments.  See our “Medical Dermatology” and “Cosmetic Dermatology” tabs for more information.  No matter which treatment you ultimately choose, you should feel assured that you can see either of us for a thorough exam and evaluation, and that we’ll collaborate to make sure your care is as complete as possible.


We hope to see you soon in the Southern Marin Dermatology office, but until then, we hope you enjoy reading our blog!

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