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Suzanne Westphal, MD

Dr. Suzanne Westphal joins Southern Marin Dermatology with over 20 years of experience and a passion for dermatology. A magna cum laude graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Natural Science, and a Doctoral Degree from Rutgers University, she trained all over the country and practiced in Chicago before moving to the Bay Area in 2012.

Dr. Westphal seeks to empower and educate her patients to help them better manage their own health. She offers a wide spectrum of skin care options, ranging from lifestyle and dietary modifications to the sensible use of pharmaceutical products and the latest in 21st century medical technology. She listens to her patients and tailors her treatment to each individual’s needs and preferences while also seeking to provide her patients with the knowledge and tools needed to be a partner in managing their own health. Her focus of observing more than just the skin provides patients with an education on prevention and treatment.

Dr. Westphal believes the doctor’s office should be a welcoming place to have a shared discussion about health.

Dr. Westphal has a special interest in treating hair loss and has the expertise to distinguish the various patterns of alopecia and identify the cause. She diagnoses the different types of hair loss by a combination of clinical examination, biopsy, and blood tests that provide detailed information about the health of the scalp and hair. She then works with her patients to identify the treatment options that work best for them.

Dr. Westphal is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and enjoys volunteering her time performing skin cancer screenings for the community.

Dr. Westphal lives in Marin with her husband and family, all of whom get a healthy application of sunscreen every morning. She enjoys chasing her two toddlers on the hiking trails, playing tennis, cooking and eating a colorful organic diet.